My Parents & Guru

In Loving memory of my late father Shri P. L. Kottyam

In Memorial Tribute to the Late Shri P. L. Kottyam
(21st July 1916 – 2nd December 2007)

Eternally mourned By his son Harendra Kottyam.

Shri P. L. Kottyam was a direct disciple of Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.He was a great yogi, philanthropist and soul having been in personal contact with the late Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri and the late Swami Sivanananda, . He also was in contact with Swami Muktananda.

In his later years my father became a discipline of the late Swami Poornananda Tirtha And even took me to Swami Poornananda Tirtha’s seminars.

Om SaiRam

Regarding my late father’s experiences with the late Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri:

Samadhi of Sadguru Nityananda

Firstly there was never any formal training or use of formal titles or hierarchy during the times of Bhagawan Nityananda.Anyone could just walk in and meet Bhagawan Nityananda.

Titles like Guru, master and the word Shaktipat were not used by Bhagawan Nityananda.. The oldest living disciple ( approx. 2 years ago) of Bhagawan Nityananda, Gopal Mama. Lived in ganeshpuri. I met him three years ago in Ganeshpuri. He was bed ridden, I asked him if he recalled my father and he said the name was familiar but he was not sure. He never used any title or the use of the word Shaktipat. He had spent several years in the service of Bhagawan Nityananda.He told me only one thing , everything is Nityananda, And Nityananda. is everything.

When I visited Ganeshpuri on 6th November 2009 I was informed Gopal Mama reached Samadhi approximately two years ago.

My father first met Bhagawan Nityananda in Padupidri a small town near Mangalore. There was no date but my father must have been a boy of 8 or 10 years ( he was born in 1916).At that time Bhagawan Nityananda, lived on trees and whenever the children met him, he would take out unlimited sweets from his loin cloth and distribute it to ALL the children. My father was present during at least two occasions.

personal note of Swami Sivanananda addressed to my father and dated 1951

My father then ran away from his village and went to Bombay, due to poverty. He worked his way up in life.In the 1930’s or early 1940’s my father who had a decent job at this time visited Ganeshpuri to meet Bhagawan Nityananda. At that time many persons who were from what is now Karnatnaka state a state in South India already knew about Bhagawan Nityananda as he had performed many miracles during his stay there.

When my father first met Bhagawan Nityananda, my father who had by then read many books of Indian saints like Sai Baba from Sirdi and others, asked Bhagawan Nityananda about them. Bhagawan Nityananda replied to him that these great souls are all dead, you are alive therefore only realize the atman, only that matters.

Bhagawan Nityananda original hand colored watercolor painting upon an original Bromide photo

Bhagwan Nityananda then asked my father if he had eaten chicken, drunk whisky, and was inquiring about the address on his way to meet him. My father was surprised and admitted to these things.

Bhagawan Nityananda then blessed my father to start his own engineering business, which he did and it became very successful.My father then visited Bhagawan Nityananda from time to time.

My father was the person to supply a generator to Swami Muktananda in the 1960,s in his ashram in ganeshpuri. ( after the death of Bhagwan Nityananda )

My late father was a living saint, he donated the majority of his assets during his life time and NEVER told anyone of it. I only knew of it later on.

He mediated 8 hours a day, could read minds AND motives of persons, and had awakened his kundalini.

I was very fortunate to be blessed to have had such a father.

Om SaiRam

Some words of wisdom of my late father Shri P. L. Kottyam:

  • When you have had a fight with a person, avoid meeting him for as long as possible, if by chance you come across him after some time, with time his anger would have waned and the chances for further conflict would have greatly reduced.
  • When driving remember the pedestrians have an equal right as you to use the road, so always drive carefully and give way to the pedestrians.

  • The author of this website Harendra Kottyam with his late father Shri P.L Kottyam
  • Religion is the best business.
  • Moderation and toleration are the keys to happiness.
  • ONE MUST PRAY TO Lord Siva to be happy in life.
  • Even the best astrologer can only predict 60 % accurately on the future.
  • Birth, parents, friends, wife, children, relatives, death, are due to past Karma, when this Karma is completed they leave us.
  • Without correct philosophy or religion man is no better than an animal.
  • Hurt no living creature and you will not be hurt.
  • Relatives and friends are only with you for their own welfare.
  • Control your desire, lead a simple life both inwardly and outwardly and you will control fear.
  • Death is neither to be feared nor to be welcomed.
  • Do not look down upon those below you in position or status; the distance between you and them is a whisker. My father always ate along with servants, and the poor, as he believed we are all equal in the eyes of God.
  • Do not curse or sin as these will return to your family and you.
  • The sins of the parents pass to the children. (Note if parents gain ill gotten wealth and such benefits are passed on to their children, the children will have to also pay for the sins of their parents)
  • Money spent on eating and drinking (not alcohol) is fine as long as we don’t waste food or eat in extravagant places.
  • The father lives on due to his son, and the son lives due to his father.
  • Marriage is necessary in this life so that a family can have progeny.
  • Always try to help animals and other creatures, as they are dependent on humans.
  • Note: Once my father was walking on the road and he saw a street dog dying. He saw to it that it was given water and made comfortable before it died.

  • Extravagance in marriage ceremonies is a sign of vanity.
  • There is no point in searching for the truth in the Himalayas. There is politics and pettiness even there. Search for the truth in yourself and in your daily duties.
  • Serve your parents before God, because God will always be with you, your parents will not.
  • Loss in business is part of the learning process in business, if one will not learn from this, then one will perish.
  • Always remember your dependants, especially those who have served you faithfully for several years, make provisions for them after you are gone, so they will not suffer.
  • When good times and abundance is there always make arrangements to save for the future.
  • Too much luxury will weaken you, too much difficulty will depress you, too many friends will misguide you, too much pride will blind you, and too many enemies will destroy you.
  • Even religion must have moderation; there is a thin line between fanaticisms and faith.
  • When any religious festivals are celebrated, care must be taken that the persons in the surrounding areas are not disturbed, no blaring film music, or vulgar dancing in the public view should be there. There should be little or minimum disruption of traffic, and care must be taken that the environment is not damaged.
  • During the British rule there was very little or non-existent corruption. People had values and helped each other.
In Loving memory of my late mother Mrs. Mercy Kottyam
In Memorial Tribute to the Late Mrs. Mercy Kottyam
(2nd September 1928 – 31st May 2012)

My dearest mother Mercy Kottyam peacefully passed away in Berlin, Germany on 31st May 2012. She was the greatest lady in my life, and I was blessed to have had such a wonderful mother. She did so much for me in my life and I was not worthy of such a great mother. I pray for her soul to rest in peace, and I regret all the harsh words I spoke to her.

Eternally mourned by her son Harendra Kottyam.

Pandit Navinchandra Javev Dave

Pandit Navinchandra Javev Dave has been the chief priest of Babulnath temple (Mumbai) since 2000.He is 70 years old (as of 2010). Babulnath temple is the premier Shiva temple in Mumbai., every Maha Shivaratri at least two hundred thousand persons or more visit this temple.

Pandit Navinchandra Javev Dave is well versed in Hindu astrology, all Vedic Traditions and Poojas and his email is

Pandit Navinchandra Javev Dave had performed the final Pooja of the late Shri P.L. Kottyam after his death. Pandit Navinchandra Javev Dave considers The late Shri P. L. Kottyam an enlightened man.

Pandit Navinchandra Javev Dave gives his blessings for the success of this website and to all those who read it.