Goddess Rukada Mataji

Goddess Rukada Mataji is the incarnation of the Shakti goddess. She is the curer of cough. Devotees who suffer from cough offer a small offering of Sev (a popular Indian snack food) to Goddess Rukada Mataji and get cured.

The people believe that Shakti is the protector of the village, who punishes of evil people, the curer of diseases, and the one who gives welfare to the village.

This Goddess Rukada Mataji temple is behind the famous Babulnath Temple in Mumbai and can be seen below from the Babulnath Temple (see scan).

This is the first time the photos of the Goddess Rukada Mataji has been published or written about.

Click on the photos for the larger images and you will see the intricate artistry, which went into them.